14Pearls sizing and cuts do vary for each design but in general our size chart (which are provided for each design) will help you achieve the perfect fit. This size guide is for reference only and may not be exact for every garment and body type. Because differences between style and cuts of each design, this chart is to be used as a general scale. If you have any questions or if we can help you decide what size you will need, please email us at .


The below chart outlines body measurements for each size. To measure your body, please follow these easy steps: BUST

  •  Rest arms at side
  •  Measure across the fullest pert of the bust WAIST
  •  Tape should brush up against both hips bones
  •  Measure slightly loose to leave breathing room HIPS
  •  Find the natural waist, usually one and half cm above the belly button
  •  Measure slightly loose to leave breathing room